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JustGiving to offer Generative AI for creating fundraising pages

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JustGiving is to offer generative AI technology to help people more quickly create fundraising pages and share their personal stories.

On JustGiving, more than 850,000 fundraising pages were created last year and of these, around one third (35%) of fundraisers chose to use the platform’s pre-written content instead of writing their own individual stories.

Research conducted by JustGiving shows that many fundraisers find the task of writing their own personal stories to be too daunting. Of those who do choose to write their own stories, the amount of time they spend doing so varies greatly from person to person.


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According to JustGiving, some fundraisers spend just a few minutes creating their pages, whilst others can take up to an hour perfecting their content in the hopes of attracting more donations.

It also says that pages on the JustGiving platform that include a clear story raise around 65% more than those that don’t.

Fundraisers who do not wish to use the AI service do not have to.

Pascale Harvie, President and General Manager of JustGiving said: 

“We know it can be difficult for our fundraisers to write up their very personal stories. Yet, those individual stories are the most important part of a fundraising page as they help people across communities understand what they’re doing and why they’re doing it.


“By using AI in this way as a powerful force for good, it’s our hope that our fundraisers will feel confident to share their JustGiving pages with their friends, family members and across their networks.”

Almost two million people shared JustGiving pages last year and in doing so collectively helped to raise an additional £151million for charities and good causes.