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Just under 14% of probated estates with Wills currently charitable, Smee & Ford data shows

Melanie May | 7 August 2023 | News

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Smee & Ford data up to the end of July 2023 shows that approximately 13.8% of probated estates with Wills are charitable. This is despite fewer cases being processed than at the same point in 2022.

The number has grown by 1.2% since June’s Legacy Strategy Summit, when Smee & Ford reported that it was below the usual level, at around 12.6%.

Smee & Ford’s data also shows that the value of charitable estates has increased too in recent weeks, rising from the £9.3bn reported in June to £11.2bn by the end of July.


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This means that the percentage of charitable estates and bequest volumes are currently tracking in line with 2022, with the number of bequests sitting at a proportionate level to the number of cases Smee & Ford has processed compared with last year.

It will continue to track and provide updates to the sector as it receives more records from HMCTS.