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3 snippets of charity agency & supplier news

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In the latest instalment of our occasional agency and supplier news round up, we share news from GOOD, The Access Group, and Broadstone.

GOOD publishes AI Charter 

Strategic and creative agency GOOD has published FAIR: The GOOD AI Charter. The charter will ensure the agency’s use of AI is fair and ethical, in line with its values, and the agency is encouraging others to follow suit.  


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The GOOD AI Charter cover 6 key areas:

Nilesha Chauvet, Managing Director at GOOD Agency commented:

“Use of AI in marketing and communications has been a headline topic of conversation across the industry for the past few months. There’s no denying that the recent growth in its capability has, and will continue to, revolutionise the way we work. However, at GOOD, we are concerned that there are ethical questions raised which have yet to be addressed.


“In publishing the FAIR Charter, we are addressing the ethical use of AI. We are holding ourselves and others to account in their use of the technology. It needs to be monitored to ensure it is not used un-ethically, whether by accident or intentionally. By adhering to our 6 positive points, GOOD will continue its commitment to “work for the world” whilst keeping up with AI progress, but by doing so in a fair and ethical way.”

Pension, employee benefits and investments consultancy broadens offering for nonprofits

Independent pension, employee benefits and investments consultancy Broadstone has widened its investment consultancy proposition for nonprofit organisations such as charities and endowment funds.

The service will provide nonprofit organisations with support to focus on mission-aligned investments to help match their strategy and individual investments with their charitable causes via a range of pooled funds or bespoke fund solutions.

Broadstone’s proposition will give advice on strategy, cashflow and investment manager solutions covering both bespoke segregated funds as well as a wide range of pooled funds which meet the right sustainability criteria for charities.

Rachel Titchen, Charities and Investment Director at Broadstone commented:

“Nonprofit organisations manage significant pools of capital but their time and resources are often limited. We strongly believe that mission-aligned investment strategies are an important way for these organisations to maximise the use of their capital – supporting causes that match their wider strategic objectives.


“We will work closely with investment managers to think strategically about where their investments are directed and how to make these assets work harder. We have good relationships with managers and consultants across the industry and firmly believe collaboration is a key driver of providing better outcomes for our clients, as well as making positive changes to better align with our clients’ objectives.”

The Access Group integrates Access Charity CRM solution with volunteer management software

The software is Assemble, which was acquired by Access in June last year. Access aims to help its charity CRM customers hone their volunteer recruitment and retention strategies.

The development enhances both the donor and volunteer management processes for The Access Group’s customers, allowing them to make decisions based on accurate information and enhanced analytics shared between systems, and helping them to provide a positive supporter experience.

Jess Ball, Product Director for the Not-For-Profit and Education division at Access, commented,

“Data from the Charities Aid Foundation’s (CAF) UK Giving report found that only 13% of people said they volunteered in the last year, compared with 17% pre-pandemic, which represents about 1.6 million fewer people volunteering over the past five years.


“We recognise that for our Access Charity CRM customers there is a clear benefit by using Assemble to combat declining volunteer numbers. Volunteers can login via their volunteer portal or mobile app to get information, training, and updates, ensuring they have everything they need for a positive volunteering experience and long-term relationship with their chosen charity.”