Almost 40% of one-off donations now made by digital wallet

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Digital wallets are now used to make nearly four in 10 (39%) one-off donations, according to the latest annual report from goDonate, with their use for regular giving also growing.

The Online Donations Insights Report is compiled from an analysis of anonymised donations data as part of £25mn in income handled by goDonate in the past 12 months on behalf of UK charities.

One-off giving

Overall, its data shows that one-off online income was down by 7% in 2022, and the volume of online donations down by 20%. Average one-off gift value saw a small decline at £50.99 compared to 2021’s £51.95.


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goDonate found that the average donation by card still commands the highest average gift at £55.40, with cards tending to be used for larger gifts, especially on desktop devices. Average donation via PayPal was £32.44, while by Apple Pay it was £28.70, and by Google Pay £23.97.

Regular giving

Looking at regular monthly donations, goDonate saw a decrease in overall giving compared with the previous year, while the average monthly gift for its charity clients increased year-on-year to £9.79, up from £9.41.

And, while direct debit is still the most common payment method for regular giving, accounting for 60%, goDonate’s data shows that other payment types such as credit card (24%) and digital wallet (16%) are taking a large share of regular giving donations.

Direct debit and and cards have the highest average gifts at £10.55 and £19.19 respectively, while with PayPal the average gift is £9.83, and for Apple Pay it’s £10.87.

In-memoriam giving

The report also reveals some insights into in-memoriam giving, which goDonate’s data shows has increased year on year. Of those charities that asked the donor to select their reason for giving, in-mem income accounted for 16% of all donations in 2022; an increase from 12% in 2021.

Commenting on the findings, Vicky Reeves, Managing Director, goDonate, said:

“Digital wallets have become a big portion of one-off and monthly giving, so it’s vital that charities invest in offering a choice of payment options within donor journeys. Innovation is clearly playing a key part in fundraising strategies.”

The full report can be gained by contacting Ch************@wp**.agency / 020 3773 8830.