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Philanthropy advising explored in new book

Melanie May | 3 February 2023 | News

Emma Beeston & Dr Beth Breeze
L-R: Emma Beeston & Dr Beth Breeze

With philanthropy advising emerging as a profession, Dr Beth Breeze, Director of the University of Kent’s Centre for Philanthropy, and philanthropy advisor Emma Beeston have released a new book asking ‘who are the people who advise philanthropists?’

Advising Philanthropists explores what the role of the philanthropy advisor entails, the practicalities involved and the wide range of skills and knowledge needed to start and excel at working with donors.

It includes interviews with 40 philanthropy advisors from around the globe offering accounts of the profession, and explores ‘who are these people?’, ‘what do they do?’ and ‘what impact does it have?’.


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Published by Directory of Social Change, the book highlights the work of philanthropy advisors within the wider sector, aiming to helps readers better understand this developing profession, and provides guidance for philanthropy advisors for new and established philanthropy professional.

The contents include:

• The emergence of philanthropy advising as a profession

• Key concepts you need to know in this job

• Qualities and skills required of a philanthropy advisor

• Practical considerations when working with donors

• The challenges and broader context of giving philanthropy advice

• First-hand accounts from 40 advisors that shed light on developing practice

More on the book, and the authors, can be read here.