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Sight loss charities announce merger

Melanie May | 11 January 2023 | News

Keith Valentine Fight For Sight CEO

Fight for Sight and Vision Foundation are to merge, with the aim of expanding their reach and impact and tackling sight loss from both a clinical and social perspective.

The merger will take effect as of 1 April this year with the organisation operating under a new name.

The combined organisation will focus on both the science and lived experience of sight loss, funding both scientific research and new services to accelerate clinical progress and improve quality of life for people with sight loss.


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Fight for Sight is currently investing £6.9mn across 118 research projects at 35 universities and hospitals across the UK, while since 1921, through the Vision Fund, Vision Foundation has distributed more than £31mn in funding to projects supporting blind and partially sighted people.

Fight for Sight CEO Keith Valentine (pictured) will lead the organisation, and said:

“I’m a long-standing supporter of Vision Foundation and have immense respect for all it achieves. Taking that incredible work – as well as our mission at Fight for Sight – onto the national stage is a very big deal. The impact we will deliver for people and families affected by sight loss across the country is immeasurable. This merger will also enable us to grow our funding, which means a stronger, more impactful organisation for the years to come.


“Our cause is too important to miss this opportunity. I’m thrilled to build on what we’ve already done as two separate charities to take us to the next level, because my goal is nothing short of changing the world for people with sight loss.”

Olivia Curno, the outgoing CEO of Vision Foundation, will step down from the charity to take on a national Chief Executive role in the care sector.

She said:

“I am incredibly proud of what the Vision Foundation has achieved in recent years, and can’t think of a better next chapter than joining forces with Fight for Sight and taking our impact to a national stage. Through this merger, we will have the expertise, talent and scale to go on to incredible things, all under the visionary leadership of Keith Valentine.”