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Grants to boost recycling, & other funding news

Melanie May | 11 October 2022 | News

Hubbub Lambeth new solar-powered recycling bins
Hubbub Lambeth solar-powered recycling bins

From funding for projects to boost recycling, keep people going this winter, and support those in need of safe housing, to foundation news, and grants awarded, here’s a round up of recent news and opportunities.

Funding available to boost recycling

Hubbub has launched a fund to support organisations that want to boost recycling on-the-go, as well as an in-depth guide for local authorities on how to roll out a successful recycling on-the-go campaign to increase recycling rates and reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill or incineration. 


Introduction to Fundraising through gaming and livestreaming, by Julian Barrell. Orange background with white illustration of a gaming handset.

The #InTheLoop grant fund aims to build upon the successes and impact of the seven #InTheLoop campaigns that have taken place so far, and Treasure Your River, the largest ever collaboration to reduce litter along five major UK rivers. The fund will support four new projects to introduce or improve their recycling points using #InTheLoop toolkit in areas that include waterways, such as coastline, riverways, canals, docks or wetlands.

Grant funding of £25,0000 will be made available to each successful applicant. As well as the funding, Hubbub will provide ongoing support to successful applicants based on the charity’s expertise and experience in delivering recycling campaigns.

More information on the funding and the toolkit is available on the In The Loop site.

Harry Kane Foundation launches with focus on mental health

Professional footballer Harry Kane has launched the Harry Kane Foundation (HKF) with a long-term goal to help transform a generation’s thinking about mental health.

The launch of his own dedicated Foundation marks the start of Kane’s journey to learn more about mental health and work with chosen charities and strategic partners. HKF will use Harry’s profile and partnerships to reach audiences of all ages through tactical awareness campaigns and practical support. The purpose of HKF is to help normalise conversations around mental health, promote positive habits that support mental health and tackle stigma.

Kane launched his Foundation by announcing a series of activations and partnerships, including an animation depicting his journey so far from park football through to England captaincy, highlighting the challenges along the way and his determination to never give up. The animation, titled Harry Kane: Resilience, promotes the importance of positive thinking, self-belief and having the support of others. It has been designed to signpost to mental services that can be found on his site.

Looking over Edinburgh castle and streets

Edinburgh fund launches to help keep people afloat this winter

Everyone’s Edinburgh and Turn2us Edinburgh Trust have launched a Keeping Edinburgh Warm Fund to provide cash grants to people across the city struggling to pay their bills and heat their homes this winter.   

Backed by the Lord Provost of Edinburgh, the aim of the Keep Edinburgh Warm Fund is to encourage 1250 households who feel they can afford to donate their £400 energy grant to help reach a target of £500k. It will run for six months and enable grants to go to over 600 Edinburgh families to help keep them afloat this winter. Every penny donated will go to those in the city who need it the most. 

Patrycja Kupiec, Head of Edinburgh Trust at Turn2us, commented:  

“No one should have to choose between eating or heating. The Edinburgh Trust grants have been a lifeline for many people across the city over the last ten years. Our vision is Edinburgh where no one has to go without the basic essentials they need to eat, stay safe, and warm and where those trapped in poverty have the resources available to move out of poverty and thrive.”


“This winter many of us in Edinburgh will not be able to afford basic essentials to keep ourselves and our families warm and fed. This isn’t right. We believe that in 2022, no one in our city should have to choose between eating or heating.”

More information is available by emailing: pa*************@tu*****.uk or ew********@cy*******.scot

Leeds Building Society Foundation launches new grants programme for local charities

Leeds Building Society Foundation’s new grants programme offers local charities supporting people in need of a safe and secure home the opportunity to receive up to £100,000.

The charitable foundation, which is funded by Leeds Building Society, is inviting applications from UK registered charities delivering vital services or projects in Yorkshire/Humberside and the North East regions.

Charities can apply for grants between £25,000 to £100,000 over one, two or three years to cover core, project, or capital costs.  The closing date for this round of grants is 31 October 2022.  Further funding rounds take place in March, June and September each year.

As well as the new large grants programme just announced, the Foundation also provide small grants of up to £1,000 to charities across the UK. These charities need to have a turnover of less than £1 million and be a UK registered charity.

Details of how to apply for a grant can be found here.

Successful funding applications must align with the Foundation’s purpose of supporting people in need of a safe and secure home, and one or more of the following themes: sustainability, health, financial stress, accessibility, education and advice, security and refuge.

Foundation Scotland reaches £150 million milestone

Foundation Scotland, Scotland’s community foundation, has to date distributed over £150 million to more than 12,000 organisations making a difference the length and breadth of the country.

From local food banks to counselling services, to youth groups to training funds, the major funder has awarded over 44,000 grants in total to charities, social enterprises and community groups across Scotland since it was established in 1996.

Donors include individuals, families, companies, community bodies and other charities that work with the Foundation to set up and distribute charitable funds. The Foundation connects donors’ funds with community organisations working on the ground, ensuring their support stays relevant to local circumstances to deliver real impact.

Throughout the pandemic, the team at Foundation Scotland worked to bring in new funds to meet the unprecedented demand from communities throughout the crisis. New donors such as The National Emergencies Trust helped the funder to distribute over £37 million in the two years that followed the first lockdown in 2020.

The funder continues to work closely with communities across Scotland to identify and support the most critical needs emerging during cost-of-living crisis, working with new and existing donors to create funds for charitable groups.

Giles Ruck, Chief Executive at Foundation Scotland, said:

“Reaching this significant milestone of over £150 million distributed to date is an outstanding achievement. For over 25 years, we’ve maintained our vision of supporting confident, thriving, resilient communities across Scotland, and we look forward to continuing this support to deliver continual impact.


“We know that local groups are best placed to offer support as they have the knowledge, passion and determination to deliver exceptional results. And for every community to thrive, it should be resourced to match its vision and powered by transformative funding. Thanks to the generosity of donors, corporates and individuals, we have collectively enabled and empowered thousands of vital local projects, such as Aberdeen Sailing Trust, to transform lives for the better.


We are currently experiencing overwhelming demand for funding, and we will continue to work hard to reach and connect with new donors keen to distribute funds effectively at a local level so that together we can continue to deliver extraordinary support.”

Plastic pollution in the Douala estuary

Employee led PG Impact offers support to WasteAid

WasteAid is to receive a grant from the employee foundation of Partners Group. The foundation, Partners Group Impact (Verein) (PG Impact) is managed entirely by Partners Group employees, who contribute their time and expertise to identify, evaluate and invest in high-impact projects. It supports entrepreneurial projects and organisations that create positive, high-impact and measurable social and/or environmental benefits.

This partnership will build on learnings taken from previous work that WasteAid has carried out in Cameroon and will expand its current programme. A Plastic Recycling Facility (PRF) will be built in the local area and 30 youths trained to collect, sort, clean and process plastic waste, creating sustainable opportunities, improving livelihoods for youths in the area and generating positive impact for the broader community and the environment.

The environmental impact of this project can be measured by an estimated minimum of 72 MT of plastic waste per year that will be removed from the community and processed through the PRF.  The PRF will divert plastic from landfills, reduce the need to burn plastic waste and contribute to reducing pollution of the Douala Estuary, which contains extensive mangrove forests, which are being damaged by pollution and population pressures.

A group of young men in dark blue t-shirts laugh together

Movember delivers £5.7 million to mental health initiatives across the globe

Movember’s Scaling What Works is a new £5.7 million mental health grant funding programme that aims to supercharge mental health initiatives that have shown real promise in improving mental health and wellbeing for young boys and men, across community or workplace settings.

With a focus on prevention and early intervention, each of the successful recipients will receive between £205k and £400k of funding over the next two years, so they can scale their reach and impact, in a bid to fast-track mental health outcomes in local communities.

Each programme will be evaluated by the Centre of Evidence and Implementation (CEI) to ensure they are delivering the best possible outcomes in communities that may be more disproportionately affected by poor mental wellbeing.

Eight mental health initiatives will be funded in the UK. One of the successful applicants that will benefit from Movember’s funding will be Growing2gether’s youth mentoring programme. Growing2gether is the only programme in Scotland to pair disadvantaged young people as mentors to children with social/personal challenges, combined with coaching in emotional skills to build mental health.