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BBC Children in Need to launch new funding stream for charities’ core costs

Melanie May | 7 September 2022 | News

A calculator rests against a computer keyboard. By Edar on Pixabay

BBC Children in Need has announced a new strategy that will see it start funding charities’ core organisational costs, with applications opening in October.

As well as this new funding stream, under the strategy, BBC Children in Need will continue funding project costs with applications again opening next month, and will also provide emerging grants for new organisations or ideas for the first time. Applications for this funding stream will open in Spring 2023.

Charities will be able to spend its core organisational costs funding flexibly on their central running and operational costs. This might include management and administration, general office costs, accountancy and audit, fundraising, and governance/compliance costs.


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The new emerging grants funding stream aims to build and diversify the range of organisations and work that BBC Children in Need funds. This will see it target newer organisations and groups that are underrepresented in its portfolio of grantees, and that it may not have funded before.

Funding will support emerging organisations, ideas, projects and approaches for work with children and young people, and could be to help on an emerging issue, a new area of focus/audience, or a way of doing things differently. The funding stream will also permit project, core costs or a combination of both and more information will be released in due course.

BBC Children in Need will fund organisations working with children and young people, and information on the funding streams can be found here.

In a blog for the Association of Charitable Foundations, Fozia Irfan, BBC Children in Need’s Director of Children and Young People said:

“We have a responsibility to support the capacity of organisations themselves, to ensure that they have the strength and sustainability to keep delivering the most effective and life-changing services for children and young people.”

The strategy was developed with young people, volunteers, grantees and external stakeholders.