Podcasts on fundraising learning & education

Man in tshirt walking down a sunny street, listening to a podcast on his phone. Image: Pexels.com

Six years ago I found myself setting up the Charity Chat podcast. I had a different life back then, I wasn’t yet a Dad and my work was largely 9-5, though I was in the office five days a week.

Skipping back to present day a lot has changed, I am now a Dad of a rambunctious toddler, he and the pandemic has led to me working just two-three days in the office, and the Charity Chat podcast, which is now a team of seven, has recently passed its 200th episode. 

We have kept to our original aim on the podcast, to provide free learnings to those working or interested in the work of the charity sector. This is a pretty broad mandate, but having been involved in many of the episodes I can honestly say that it has been a crucial part of my education and given me a rich knowledge of fundraising and other disciplines connected with our sector.


So, the podcast in its entirety is a free tool to learning and betterment for everyone, but within that there are specific episodes relating to learning. Here are three of them.

E163 – The Profession Of Fundraising With Ian MacQuillin

“…there is no excuse for any fundraiser working today not to know what’s in the code of practice, and if you don’t I don’t think you’re behaving like a professional…so learn the code of practice and stick to that, and if you do that you’ve made great strides… towards individual professional status…”

Ian MacQuillin

In this episode we spoke with Ian MacQuillin about the body of information that all fundraisers should learn, most notably the Fundraising Code of Practice. We also touched on fundraising ethics and spoke about the profession of fundraising and what needs to happen to make it so.

Charity Chat podcast · E163 – The Profession Of Fundraising With Ian MacQuillin

E140 – The Value Of Training With Mark Carrigan

“You’re investing in the organisation’s ability to impact the cause.”

Mark Carrigan

My friend and fellow student from the CIOF’s International Advanced Diploma in Fundraising, shared his views about training in the sector and what the sector, charities and individuals need to invest in it.

Charity Chat podcast · E140 – The Value Of Training With Mark Carrigan

E108: Learning to Breathe with Jessie Laute

Training and education also needs to include how we can balance attainment with mental wellbeing, and physical fitness. Our sector needs to get this right if we are going to achieve over the coming months and years.

Charity Chat podcast · E108 – Learning to breath with Jessie Laute