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12 courses for new or aspiring fundraisers

Melanie May | 13 July 2022 | News

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For new or aspiring fundraisers looking for a course to do as that first step, whether it’s moving into fundraising, or moving in a different direction in fundraising, there’s nothing more useful than a handy list of learning opportunities.

So if you’re looking for some ideas of what’s out there, here’s a list of 12, with all the key details you need to take the plunge into some further research.


Gift acceptance and due diligence course by Kerry Rock. Background image (filtered yellow) of one hand on the left with thumb down, and on the right a hand with a thumb up.

Course: How to Fundraise: A Guide to Fundraising for Non-Fundraisers

Course: Introduction to Fundraising

[The RAISE: Arts, Culture & Heritage programme offers a contribution of £40 towards the total cost of CIOF’s Introduction to Fundraising course to individuals working in the arts and culture sector in England and outside Greater London]

Course: Nonprofit Fundraising Essentials

Course: Introducing the Voluntary Sector

Course: Fundraising Standard

Course link

Course: Pathways to Charity & Development Programme

Course: Fundraising for Non-fundraisers

Clare Aarons, Training Manager, NCVO:

“All of our courses are online on Zoom and a run roughly monthly. All courses can be delivered in house for organisations at a time that suits them.


“Our learning opportunities draw on the experience of our 17,000 strong membership community of voluntary organisations, charities, community groups and social enterprises across England. NCVO members get a 30% discount of all of training and we are open to the whole sector.”

Course: Charity Finance for Non-financial Managers

Course: Understanding the numbers: financial intelligence for trustees

Course: Duties of a trustee

Ben Wittenberg, Director of Development and Delivery, DSC:

“We’ve got over 100 training courses, events, books, research reports and directories of grant makers covering everything from setting a fundraising strategy, to practical techniques for getting the money in, managing the financial side of things, and reporting on the difference that you’ve made.”

Course: The Essentials of Individual Giving

Course: Managing for Managers