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JustGiving & Swiftaid partner to help charities claim Gift Aid on platform donations

Melanie May | 4 July 2022 | News

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Online giving platform JustGiving has partnered with Swiftaid to help charities claim Gift Aid on qualifying donations.

The two partnered in November last year, and since then 2.8 million donors have registered with Swiftaid via JustGiving. Approximately 10,000 donors sign up to Swiftaid via JustGiving each day.

Swiftaid aims to deliver an additional £1bn in Gift Aid and personal tax relief to charities and individuals annually. 300 charities are already signed up to the platform.


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In five months of their partnership they have unlocked over £400,000 in retrospective Gift Aid for the tax year ending April 2022. A retrospective reclaim has gone to HMRC with the Gift Aid payment expected back this month for disbursement to charities.

JustGiving and Swiftaid believe the partnership will support small charities in particular, which may lack the resources to claim Gift Aid.

How it works

Swiftaid matches the details of donors to their Swiftaid account when they make donations across any of Swiftaid’s partner charities or fundraising platforms. When initially adding Gift Aid to a donation, an authorisation is made for Swiftaid to add Gift Aid to donations made during the ongoing tax year. It also supports charities by centralising and submitting Gift Aid declarations on their behalf, and helps donors claim higher rate tax refunds from HMRC. To date, JustGiving has added 3 million donors to the centralised database. Donor data is not shared for any purposes beyond claiming Gift Aid.

As a founding partner of Swiftaid, JustGiving can register donors to Swiftaid when they make a donation through the platform and add Gift Aid, while donors already registered on Swiftaid will have Gift Aid automatically applied to any donations they make via JustGiving.

Charities registered on JustGiving will automatically benefit from Swiftaid for the donations they process on JustGiving.

Pascale Harvie, President and General Manager, JustGiving, said:

“Charities are recovering from the pandemic and face a cost-of-living crisis, so this important technological innovation will unlock a significant amount of money at the moment they need it most.


“We’re immensely proud to be partnering with the Swiftaid team and to have reached almost 3 million donors registered via JustGiving in only 6 months. We hope that more charities – large and small – will partner with Swiftaid in the coming months.”


David Michael, CEO and Co-founder at Swiftaid, said:

“It’s incredible to see that in just a small amount of time with JustGiving, we have reduced what’s missed by nearly half a million pounds. Just imagine the difference that could be made if more charities and fundraising providers were involved! Tax relief is such a valuable income for both charities and individuals, and through the use of new technologies we are able to streamline the current manual process to get the much-needed relief to where it’s due. Through Swiftaid, we are working to get an additional 1 billion pounds to charities and individuals every year!”