Five tweets for fundraisers on 9 August 2021

Howard Lake | 9 August 2021 | Blogs

Twitter blue sky with crescent moon. Photo: Pexels and Pixabay

Level playing fields, your best wrong answer to your favourite fundraising tip, taking the biscuit when it comes to saying thank you, charity myths, and a tip from Benjamin Franklin on fundraising. Welcome to our latest round-up of selected tweets to inspire, educate and amuse fundraisers.

1. Social media is not quite the great leveller for charities

Big is still an advantage over small when it comes to charities. Social media hasn’t yet presented a level playing field.


2. Fundraising tips you’d prefer not to hear again

I’ve seen this question so many other topics and. Rickesh Lakhani asks it of fundraisers. Enjoy the thread and wince at some of those suggestions.

3. Big cheques? This version takes the biscuit

I am not a fan of big cheque presentations as you might know. (Charities and donors can surely manage much more compelling content these days).

So I was pleased to see this creative alternative shared via Madeleine Sugden.

4. Myths you could do without

Rather like Rickesh Lakhani’s thread above, here’s another thread full of charity myths that needed busting a long time ago.

5. Advice from a polymath

History is full of fundraising advice and commentary. Here’s some from writer, scientist, inventor, statesman, diplomat, printer, publisher and political philosopher Benjamin Franklin.