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AI matchmaking platform helps companies & charities connect under new Social Value Act

Melanie May | 7 June 2021 | News


An AI matchmaking platform has launched to connect companies and charities to help implement CSR programmes in line with the new requirements in the Social Value Act, which requires all companies that bid for public contracts to present a social value delivery plan and to report back on their social value impact every quarter.

whatimpact uses AI to match companies and grant-makers with charities and social enterprises. The platform matches organisations based on shared values, UN sustainable development goals (SDGs) and geographic needs across the country, to help companies direct donations and skills to the organisations that need them most. Companies and grant-makers (Supporters) can post resource offers, such as money, skills, product and service donations, on their public profile, and charities and social enterprises (Recipients) can then apply for the resources they need. Both Supporter and Recipient profiles offer transparent data pulled from the Charity Commission, the OCSR, 360Giving and Companies House. 


An introduction to AI for charity professionals by Ross Angus

Supporter profile

Recipient profile

Ernst & Young is one of the first organisations to sign up to the platform and will offer a series of business clinics to help charities and social enterprises with their business challenges, including managing finances, achieving scale and growth, and building resilience in times of uncertainty. Ernst & Young will also look to offer one-to-one coaching to help those involved continue to solve their business challenges.

Tiia Sammallahti, CEO/Founder of whatimpact said:

“We are here to help save time and money for both Supporters (companies and grant-makers) and Recipients (social enterprises and charities), ensuring that the most impactful causes and projects are delivered with maximum efficiency. This benefits society as a whole. whatimpact is a fully transparent marketplace where everyone has access to the site profiles and interactions. We not only help organisations match with each other but help them report and communicate their impact to the public and other stakeholders.”

Gavin Jordan, UK Financial Services Chief Operating Officer of Ernst & Young commented:

“EY has set an ambitious global target to positively impact one billion lives by 2030 through our Global Corporate Responsibility Programme, EY Ripples. By working with whatimpact, we hope our people across the UK will be able to use their professional skills to help more charities and social enterprises overcome some of the business challenges they face, enabling them to have an even greater impact on the people and communities they work with.”