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Philanthropic giving to UK & Irish universities reached £1.09bn in 2020

Melanie May | 30 April 2021 | News

Bodleian in Oxford by Sara Price from Pixabay

Philanthropic giving to UK and Irish universities reached £1.09 billion in 2019-2020, according to the CASE-Ross report, released today (30 April).

This is the third year running that new funds secured from philanthropic sources have remained higher than £1 billion. The total number of donors giving to institutions participating in the study was 214,115, up from 204,967 in the previous reporting year. Since 2018-19, the average number of donors to institutions has increased by 3.6% and the average amount of alumni donors increased by 5%.

Average new funds secured decreased 17% from 2018-19 figures however.


Recruiting and managing millennials, a course by Bruce Tait.

The CASE-Ross Support of Education Survey, United Kingdom and Ireland collects detailed information about fundraising and donors to measure the philanthropic performance of higher education institutions in the UK and Ireland. It also provides an estimate of the overall impact of philanthropy on the higher education sector, and is one of a portfolio of AMAtlas surveys undertaken by CASE worldwide, providing comparative data for fundraising and alumni relations.

CASE-Ross report infographic on trends in philanthropic giving to UK and Irish universities

Other key findings from the 2019-2020 survey data include:

CASE President and CEO Sue Cunningham commented:

“The CASE-Ross Survey results show how innovative and nimble educational leaders have proven themselves to be through unprecedented circumstances. Whether it was through creating online alumni programming, engaging new stakeholders, or fortifying already-established relationships and strategies, advancement professionals have continued to cement bonds for their institutions in a difficult time.”



CASE Executive Director for Global Engagement Bruce Bernstein also commented on the findings, adding:

“The commitment, fortitude and care shown by advancement professionals across the UK and Europe during a year thrown into uncertainty due to the coronavirus pandemic is admirable. The focus on relationship-building proved prescient and valuable as the CASE-Ross survey shows more than £1 billion of new funds secured for the third year in a row.”