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JustGiving launches free donation processing service

Melanie May | 14 April 2021 | News

JustGiving GivingCheckout

JustGiving launches Giving Checkout today: a new service designed to make it easier for charities and donors to support each other outside of the JustGiving platform.

Charities can implement JustGiving‘s Giving Checkout on their websites, social media and other digital channels, plus promote it offline with a web address or QR code. As well as charging charities no payment processing fees, it also provides charities with access to all donor data.

Giving Checkout is applied to direct donations to a charity made on their websites and other channels, for charities opting into the service. A direct donation is recognised as a payment from a donor intended to be paid directly to a specific charity, rather than sponsorship or fundraising, and is designed to help make it easier for charities and people to make donations from outside the JustGiving platform or fundraising campaigns.


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Donors using this service will also be given the opportunity to cover the payment processing fee on behalf of the charity but JustGiving will also cover the payment processing fee for charities using Giving Checkout where donors opt-out of this so ensuring that charities using the product receive 100% of the donation 100% of the time.

The launch of Giving Checkout is the latest in a succession of changes made by JustGiving to its fee structure in recent years. In 2019, it announced the end of the platform fee and the introduction of the voluntary contribution, which allowed donors to make use of a tipping model to support the operation of the platform.

Donors will still have the option to make a voluntary contribution when donating on the platform through Giving Checkout, which will enable JustGiving to keep investing in innovation and continue to work towards the long-term goal of making sure that no good cause goes unfunded.

Pascale Harvie, President and General Manager of Blackbaud Operations in Europe, said:

“We are thrilled to launch Giving Checkout, which will mean more money and data for charities. Being able not only to cover the payment processing fees, but also provide 100% of donor data, is something we know will be truly invaluable for charities.


“Giving Checkout strengthens the capabilities we can offer charity partners and helps contribute towards our long-term goal of empowering giving everywhere.”

Abi Betteridge, Individual Giving Manager, RAF Museum, said:

“Due to the ongoing closure of the Museum and the impact on in person visitor donations, we have been actively directing our supporters to online giving through JustGiving.


“A large proportion of our supporters would not usually donate online, but Giving Checkout is really simple for them to use and they can make a donation in just a few clicks. Not only is the platform easy for our supporters to use, but the 0% fee is something which really resonates with them and has driven up the donation value. We have been trialling Giving Checkout for a month and have been really impressed with the results.”