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Syncona Foundation donates £300K over 3 years for university scholarships

Melanie May | 3 March 2021 | News

Syncona Foundation is donating £301,500 over three years to Generating Genius, which will provide five of its students with scholarships to go to university.
The donation makes Syncona Foundation its largest scholarship funder. The scholarship fund will be named the David Twumasi Syncona Foundation Scholarship after David Twumasi, the employee who recommended Generating Genius to the foundation.
The scholarships will cover all university fees as well as most living expenses whilst at university such as rent and food.
Syncona shares the charity’s commitment and vision to improve the number of students from low-income households entering STEM degrees and careers. Syncona is also a Life Science investor with scientific expertise within its team, so as well as supporting these students financially, it is committed to supporting them with gaining skills to enter companies like Syncona during their university degrees through networking, insight workshops and potential internship opportunities.
The scholars will be selected from Generating Geniuses’s A-level programme, Uni Genius, with students from a low-income household who are planning on studying a STEM subject at university invited to apply.
Dr Tony Sewell CBE, Chair of Generating Genius said:

“The generous donation from the Syncona Foundation will put our vision into action. These scholarships support in addressing removing financial barriers to university students from low-income households whilst also increasing diversity within STEM.”



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