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Five tweets for fundraisers for 10 February 2021

Here’s our latest collection of curious, inspiring and useful tweets for fundraisers. We’ve got a confusion of names, two key factors internationally in what drives more giving, a new individual giving discussion forum, and feedback on a useful source of free professional digital advice.
And, since Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us, we end with a tweet about love and kisses.

1. Poverty of thought

Sometimes your charity has a name that propels it into the headlines for the most unexpected reasons. Often it is for sharing the same initials or acronym of another organisation, but sometimes it is the name itself. Or as close to the same name as some people can be bothered to check.
The latest example is antipoverty charity Robin Hood, based in New York, USA. @RobinHoodNYC is close enough to @RobinhoodApp for enough people to assume and act as if they are the same organisation. Which resulted in a lot of unexpected communications as the app hit the headlines in the wake of the anti-hedge-fund Gamestop shares surge.
Still, it’s an opportunity for the nonprofit. But first it’s simply worth pointing out the difference between a share trading app and an antipoverty organisation, for those who clearly needed some help with that distinction.


2. Richness of knowledge

Dr Beth Breeze at the Centre for Philanthropy at the University of Kent has co-authored with 23 others a global study of philanthropy that concludes what factors tend to produce more donors and larger sums donated. They are:


And Dr Pamala Wiepking is offering a publicly accessible version of the report.

3. Wealth of innovation in public fundraising

Public fundraising is both a huge challenge and a major opportunity amid current lockdown restrictions. So it’s a good time for fundraising consultant Sarah Goddard to create a Facebook group to focus on innovation in public fundraising. It’s open to those who work or have an interest in community, individual giving and/or events fundraising.


4. Poverty of skills meets richness of time

If you’ve not come across Digital Candle, welcome to a valuable tool. Founded by charity digital agency Platypus Digital, it is now available via the collaborative Catalyst site and team.
Charities that need help with digital, data or design advice can access experienced people with those skills for a free one-hour phone call.
And here is what charities have said about the experience.


5. Rich in love

You don’t need me to remind you that giving is an emotional act. Yet we kid ourselves it is entirely rational.
It’s nearly Valentine’s Day, so here’s an appropriate insight to end on. Plenty of people writing their will to gift what they own to family and friends write kisses in personal messages to loved ones. It’s love and giving to the very end.