Free parliamentary monitoring service launches

Melanie May | 23 September 2020 | News

A free parliamentary monitoring service launches today, to enable any organisation to search for issues of importance to them and be kept informed via email alerts of changes and announcements as they happen.
PolicyMogul provides smaller organisations with free access to political updates, parliamentary proceedings and the wider policy-making environment via a feed, search tools and email alerts.


PolicyMogul live screenshot

The service is the brainchild of PolicyMogul’s founder and CEO Elliot Robinson, who said:

“Through clever use of technology we can offer confidence to users they will miss nothing in the policy-forming arena. Policy decisions affect lives and livelihoods in unforeseen ways and charities play such a vital role in protecting the interests of people and communities, who may otherwise have no voice. We’re giving all charities access to information that was once only available to those who could afford it.”
“PolicyMogul is designed to cater for the mass of organisations who would love to be in the loop on political and policy developments, but previously felt that was simply impossible. We’re using technology to do what has traditionally been done by people, so we can offer comprehensive intelligence, faster and for less.
“We hope smaller businesses and charities, and the people whose lives they benefit, will be the biggest winners. As a free service, we’re offering anyone who needs it access to the heart of our law-making democracy. A jolt of innovation will make public affairs fairer and more accessible.”

In addition to the free service, PolicyMogul also offers a more comprehensive paid platform using technology that it says allows larger and more established charities and their public affairs representatives to pay a fraction of what they do today.
James Turgoose, a public affairs expert and an early PolicyMogul user, commented:

“Most who engage with politics face the dilemma of paying high fees for access to real-time political and parliamentary news or wading through countless websites and RSS feeds to find the critical information they need. For the first time, anyone can access the sort of up-to-the-minute, organised information PolicyMogul offers. It’s a breath of fresh air, a healthy dose of democratic access at a time when millions of businesses and charities are affected by significant policy changes.”

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