Fundraising Everywhere Foundation launches – & opens first funding round

Melanie May | 14 September 2020 | News

Fundraising Everywhere has opened its first funding round through its new foundation.
The Fundraising Everywhere Foundation will be giving out grants as part of its first Trust Fundraising Virtual Summit, for which it has partnered with David Burgess of Apollo Fundraising. The event takes place on 4 December 2020, and Fundraising Everywhere is now inviting charities to submit applications for the grants as well as sign up for the Summit.
The Fundraising Everywhere Foundation’s aim is simply to help charities to be the best they can be. As such, it will fund charitable organisations working anywhere in the world, and in any field, and fund any costs that enable the charity to do what it does best, whether they are project costs, capital costs or core costs.
The maximum grant for this funding round is currently €1,500.
Applications are now being accepted via its online application form, with a deadline of 5pm (GMT) on 30 September, or sooner if it receives a large number.
The issuing of the grants will be a learning experience for those attending the Trust Fundraising Virtual Summit during which they will review applications and make funding decisions in a group setting.
Applications will be shortlisted with five going forward to the grant-making stage. The final decisions will be made by Summit delegates. Those that sign up for one of the virtual grant meetings will be sent the five shortlisted proposals in advance and will then have an hour to discuss the proposals and reach a decision on how to split the funding pot.
Fundraising Everywhere’s Co-founder and Director Simon Scriver said:

“At Fundraising Everywhere we’re always looking to develop events around what our members and attendees really want and need, at a price that everyone can afford. That’s why we’re so happy to partner with David Burgess at Apollo Fundraising to put together a world-class programme for this event. Not only that, but our first cash grant via the Fundraising Everywhere Foundation will give attendees a peek behind the curtain.
“While we hope these unrestricted grants will make a huge difference to charities, the grant programme’s real value is as a learning opportunity for fundraisers. We want to give trust fundraisers the chance to experience a real grant meeting and see what it feels like to make difficult decisions on who gets funding and who doesn’t. We hope that giving fundraisers a truly transparent first-hand experience of these decisions will help them improve the way they get their own message across to funders.”

More information is available on the Fundraising Everywhere site.