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Community Action Suffolk to hold first virtual fundraising conference

Melanie May | 20 August 2020 | News

Community Action Suffolk is hosting its first ever virtual fundraising conference next month.
Taking place on Tuesday 8 September, the Virtual Fundraising Conference for Suffolk has a theme of Financing, Sustainability and Resilience, and will run between 9.30am and 1pm.
Presenters include Elizabeth Chamberlain, Head of Policy for the NCVO, and Lauren Levy from JustGiving.
There will also be online workshops for participants to learn more about fundraising strategies, overcoming challenges associated with the pandemic, and exploring long-term income generation.
Christine Abraham, from Community Action Suffolk, said:

“A common theme among our members even before the onset of Covid, was that of voluntary sector organisations saying how difficult they found the funding and fundraising environment to navigate and how hard financial sustainability and resilience was to achieve.
“The conference timetable will cover so many of the important topics across these themes and will help leaders and decision makers within charities and organisations to develop their own sustainable roadmap when it comes to financial sustainability.
“The learnings from this event will be enabling and impactful in helping our members move beyond what has been a terribly difficult and worrying period for all those delivering in the voluntary space.”



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