Product Giving Alliance supports over 16,000 charities during pandemic

Melanie May | 7 August 2020 | News

The Product Giving Alliance has supported up to 16,700 charities during the pandemic and is asking businesses to commit long-term to giving donations of goods and services.
The Product Giving Alliance launched in May and unites four charities, Charity DigitalFareShareIn Kind Direct and International Health Partners, with the aim of making it easier for companies, manufacturers and retailers to support communities both during the coronavirus pandemic and in the longer term.
During the pandemic, it has already provided digital support and training, food, essential consumer goods and medical supplies worth almost £60m to charities in the UK and overseas. This has included digital support to 175,000 charity professionals, 36m meals, 3.5m medical treatments, and 5.9m handwashes.
The Alliance will hold its first virtual event in September, to show the benefits for businesses, and the positive impact for communities of the corporate and charity sectors working together.
Its members are also calling on businesses to make donating goods and services a key part of their sustainable development and recovery strategies:

“Donations of every type of product and service will help the charity sector weather this storm by saving money and providing essential supplies to those that really need them. We have made 280 connections with companies and are grateful for their support this year, recognising the benefits giving brings for everyone involved.
“For those families, households and individuals that have struggled to access food, toiletries, medicine or technology during lockdown, the continued work of the thousands of charities the Product Giving Alliance supports is vital. We make donating easy for companies, as well as giving them the confidence that their stock can achieve real impact. We encourage more businesses to see what is possible and step up however they can.”

Main image: FareShare

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