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Cash grants available for nurses in hardship

Howard Lake | 25 April 2020 | News

Cash grants of up to £1,500 per year are available for nurses who find themselves in a difficult financial situation, including as a result of the coronavirus crisis.
The Junius S Morgan Benevolent Fund is accepting applications from nurses, healthcare assistants and third year student nurses who are volunteering with the NHS. The fund, supported by the Burdett Trust for Nursing, which handles all its administrative costs, is designed to support healthcare workers “who find themselves in precarious financial positions due to unforeseen expenditure and debt”.
The charity was established in 1890 by policyholders of The Royal National Pension Fund for Nurses in memory of one of its founders, Mr Junius Spencer Morgan.

Extended to third year students volunteering

The fund has recently responded to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic by extending support to acknowledge the work being provided by third year student nurses who are volunteering for the NHS in the current crisis.
Any registered nurse can apply as well as healthcare assistants who have practised in the UK, if they find themselves in need at this time.
The Junius S Morgan Benevolent Fund aims to process applications very quickly.
It is not pay residential or nursing home fees, respite care or funeral costs.



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