Centre for Philanthropy offers MA in a Day taster

Melanie May | 7 April 2020 | News

The University of Kent’s Centre for Philanthropy is offering a free taster of its MA in Philanthropic Studies.
The MA in a Day taster offers a day’s worth of lectures to watch, further reading suggestions, and additional resources across five topics: Fundamentals of Philanthropy, the Art and Science of Philanthropy, Volunteering and Society, Major Donor Fundraising, and Working with Donors and Supporters.
The Fundamentals of Philanthropy topic, for example, includes a lecture on Philanthropy and the Human Condition by guest lecturer Prof. Michael Moody of the Johnson Centre for Philanthropy, Grand Valley State University, USA, with reading including a section on ‘What is Philanthropy?’ from The Philanthropy Reader, edited by Michael Moody and the Centre for Philanthropy’s Dr Beth Breeze.
Topic two, The Art & Science of Philanthropy, includes a lecture of The History of Fundraising’ by Dr Beth Breeze, with suggested reading featuring a piece by the University of Kent’s Dr Lesley Alborough on the need to stop viewing fundraising as a separate function.

The offer can be accessed on the Centre for Philanthropy’s site.
[youtube height=”450″width=”800″]https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=3N9Jrr6hqRs&feature=emb_logo[/youtube]
The full course is the UK’s first Masters in Philanthropic Studies. Part-time, it takes two years to complete, and is offered as a distance-learning course, with an optional two-day induction at the start of each year, and one study day per term, held at the university’s Canterbury campus.
There are a number of options: studying three modules for a PG Certificate or six modules for a PG Diploma. Obtaining the Master’s requires completion of a 60-credit dissertation module. More information is available here.

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