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Advert > The Certificate in Fundraising for Schools

This course is the only comprehensive training and accreditation programme for those who are already, or intend to become, development/fundraising directors in schools. It is accredited by the University of Central Lancashire and the Institute of Fundraising.

The Autumn Course for the Certificate will take place at Chancellors Conference Centre, at the University of Manchester, on the following dates: 14th September, 28th September, 12th October, 2nd November, 16th November and 30th November.

The Course caters for those who are already established as school fundraisers and require further training or accreditation, for new school development directors or fundraising officers, and for heads, bursars or other senior staff who need to take a leading fundraising role within their school.


Recruiting and managing millennials, a course by Bruce Tait.

Delegates to date have been from a wide range of secondary schools across all sectors, for example in the independent sector: Oakham School, Trent College in Nottingham, Wrekin College, Stonyhurst College, Harrogate Ladies’ College, St Catherine’s Bramley and the Marist Convent School in Ascot. In the state sector delegates have included Leon School & Sports College in Milton Keynes, Hammond School in Chester, Penketh High School in Warrington, Longdendale High School in Cheshire, St Edwards College in Liverpool and Ruskin Sports College in Crewe and Finham Park School in Coventry.

To book on the course or for further information please telephone Sue Marsden or Pam Wright at PFC, on 01524 770990 or email in**@pf***********.uk. Further information is contained on our website.