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GoodFasting platform will help fasters donate money saved to charity

GoodFasting platform will help fasters donate money saved to charity

With intermittent fasting the most searched for diet term on Google in 2019, a platform is launching that helps people who want to follow a plan donate the money they save to charity.

The GoodFasting platform is being developed to include features that enable people to follow personalised advice on the intermittent fasting diet with the additional functionality of making donations to people in hunger.

Expected to launch in the next month, the platform offers a personalised approach with a focus on providing intermittent fasting programmes based on lifestyle, goals, and eating preferences.

People will be able choose from a number of fasting plans listed on the site, which include everything from just drinking water instead of buying a coffee, and skipping a meal a day, to doing the 5:2 diet, which involves eating 500-600 calories for two days out of the week. They will then be able to donate the money they save to their choice of charity.

Vladislav Buchnev, founder of the project, said:

“People fail in their diets – that’s why many of them consider intermittent fasting because of its simplicity and health benefits. We provide a motivational tool to keep users following a fasting diet while helping others who need it most. Users will be able to follow the fasting diet, skip meals, save money while skipping meals, and donate savings to those who need it most.”



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