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Irish foundation made grants of €8 million last year

Howard Lake | 29 January 2020 | News

The Community Foundation for Ireland (CFI) gave out 591 grants worth over €8 million last year, according to its Impact report for 2019.
The average grant provided was €13,777, up 16.7% from 2018. Leinster, including national projects, received the largest allocation at over €4 million, international grants totalled €2.3 million, Munster got €1.4 million while Ulster received €121,000.
CFI said 2019 was a “great year for corporate philanthropy”, with companies SAP, Xilinx, Kelloggs and other corporate funds continuing “to create impact across communities”, with 13 corporate funds granted almost €2.5 million in Ireland and abroad.
CFI continued its relationship with the Medtronic Fund which hosted an event and developed a framework document on ‘Building Healthy Communities’.
Grants by category in 2019 were:
• Education                                                         €2.5 million
• Health and Wellbeing                                    €1.6 million
• Poverty and social inclusion                         €800,000
• Community development                             €755,000
• Environment                                                    €560,000
• Homelessness                                                 €480,000
• Youth and families                                         €360,000
• Social enterprise                                             €360,000
• Advocacy                                                          €275,000
• Arts and culture                                              €158,000
• Overseas development                                 €11,500
The only CFI fund currently open for applications is grants for mergers. CFI says in certain limited circumstances, some organisations may see benefit in exploring merging permanently with another organisation, or consortium of like-minded organisations. Grants of a maximum of €8,000 will pay for associated costs such as hiring an external facilitator, room hire, travel costs etc.
CFI has awarded grants of €50 million since 2000 and has an endowment fund of €47 million.

WATCH: €50 million awarded in grants since 2000




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