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Peace funding consultation announced for Northern Ireland and border regions

Howard Lake | 26 November 2019 | News

The Special EU Programme Body (SEUPB) has announced details of its PEACE PLUS consultation which will succeed previous major funding streams in Northern Ireland and the border regions.
PEACE PLUS will fund activities that promote peace and reconciliation and contribute to the cross-border economic and territorial development of the region. It will build upon previous PEACE and INTERREG Programmes, such as the €270 million PEACE IV Programme.
The PEACE Programme was initially created in 1995 as a direct result of the EU’s desire to make a positive response to the paramilitary ceasefires of 1994. Whilst significant progress has been made since then, the EU said there remains a need to improve cross-community relations and where possible further integrate divided communities. The current programming period runs to 2020.
Among the projects to have benefited from PEACE funding in the past are the £14.5 million Peace Bridge in Derry and programmes supporting victims of the troubles, young people and shared spaces.
Earlier in the year former Secretary of State Karen Bradley announced a £300 million funding package from the government for the joint EU-UK PEACE Plus programme. The programme also includes a further £109m from the EU – bringing the total funding package to £409m – and will support projects from 2021 to 2027.
A series of information events are taking place between December 2019 and February 2020, running from 6pm-8pm, with registration from 5.30pm. Interested in participants can register from the SEUPPB site.
The stakeholder engagement process will start on 10 December 2019 and end on 25 February 2020. Events will take place throughout Northern Ireland and the border counties.



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