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UK Aid Match appeal round up

Melanie May | 4 November 2019 | News

Here is a selection of this year’s UK Aid Match appeals, from AfriKids Time to Shine campaign, which raised £1.2m, to the Mines Advisory Group’s Home Safe Home appeal, which raised £317,204, both including UK Aid Match funding.

AfriKids Time to Shine raises over £1.2 million

Over £1.2million was raised by AfriKids Time to Shine campaign, including UK Aid Match funding. AfriKids is investing in locally led solutions focused on educating the next generation; plugging gaps between government policies and practice but with the intention that the Ghana Education Service will absorb their activities and sustain them in the future. Match funding from the UK government, raised through the Time to Shine appeal, will support over 18,000 children to complete their Basic Education and help them on a path to becoming economically active members of society.

Tree Aid’s She Grows campaign raises £343,542 before match funding

Between 1 April and 30 June the UK government matched all public donations to Tree Aid’s She Grows appeal, to help the charity transform lives across the drylands of Africa. The She Grows appeal raised £343,542 and with the addition of match funding from the UK government, reached a grand total of £638,091. The charity will fund a three year project in Koulikoro, Mali starting in January 2020, which will help 1,000 women to plant and protect trees, grow food and earn an income.

Farm Africa’s Coffee is Life appeal raises £242,000 in match funding

Farm Africa’s Coffee is Life appeal has raised more than £300,000 for the charity’s projects across eastern Africa. Between 8 February and 8 May 2019, the UK government matched all donations from the UK public. A total of £242,000 in matched funding was unlocked from the UK government, which will directly fund a Farm Africa project that will give women in Kanungu in western Uganda the opportunity to make a decent living from coffee farming.

Womankind Worldwide raises over £950,000 to support women in Uganda

Womankind Worldwide raised over £951,396 through its three-month appeal Reclaiming Stolen Livelihoods, which seeks to increase support to women in Uganda experiencing forced evictions from their home and land. The funds were raised through donations from supporters, members of the public, family trusts and foundations plus match funding from the UK government. Planning is now underway for a two-year project that will support women affected by landgrabs in rural Uganda. Over 300,000 women in Uganda have been forcibly evicted, or are facing eviction. With 75% of women in Uganda relying on farming to earn an income, the effects of these sudden and often violent evictions have been devastating.


Compassion UK raises £2.2m to fund child survival projects in Togo

Compassion UK has raised £2.2m in a UK Aid Match campaign. The charity’s Different Path Appeal raised the sum through donations and government aid matched funding. It will enable the charity to fund a further 50 child survival projects in Togo which will help thousands of mums and babies over the next three years.


MAG appeal raises more than £300k to remove landmines in Lebanon

The landmine clearance charity the Mines Advisory Group (MAG) has announced that its Home Safe Home appeal to remove landmines in Lebanon has raised £317,204. The appeal ran from April to July 2019 and raised £146,185, which was doubled through the UK Aid Match scheme, with the final figure including Gift Aid. Because of the appeal, a landmine clearance team will start work in a heavily mined area known as the “Blue Line” in Meiss Al Jabal in southern Lebanon. For five months the team will work directly with communities to clear 21,000m² of land – directly benefitting 750 women, girls, boys and men who will be able to live in safety.
More appeals supported by UK Aid Match:

Health Poverty Action’s Happy Mums, Happy Tums appeal

International NGO Health Poverty Action will receive match funding from the UK government for the first time, up to £2 million, for its Happy Mums, Happy Tums UK Aid Match appeal. The appeal will support the health and nutrition of mums and young children in rural Sierra Leone. Donations made to Health Poverty Action from 1 October 2019 until 31 December 2019 will be doubled by the UK government to train community health workers and equip health clinics in rural Sierra Leone’s Bombali and Karene districts. Health Poverty Action has worked in the Bombali and Karene districts on childhood nutrition previously, including supporting members of the local community, called ‘community health workers’, who encourage and aid people to see health specialists and attend the closest health clinics.

Sightsavers to have up to £2m matched until 9 January

Sightsavers will have donations of up to £2million matched by the UK government between 9 October and 9 January 2020. Donations will be used to support its work wherever the need is greatest, with the matched funds going to support its eye health projects in Uganda and Malawi. These projects will deliver eye care services, particularly for marginalised groups including women and people living with disabilities. We will provide eye examinations, deliver treatments and perform operations in local communities, which will help to improve eye health in the long term.

Donations to HALO Trust’s Breaking Boundaries appeal matched until 22 December

Donations to the HALO Trust’s Breaking Boundaries appeal will be matched until 22 December. With the matched funding from the UK government, HALO will clear landmines around the village of Musanzikwa and other neighbouring villages in north eastern Zimbabwe, enabling local people to farm safely, send their children to school and reach their local markets.