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New fundraising platform matches projects with funders based on impact

Melanie May | 23 October 2019 | News

A fundraising platform has launched in the UK with the aim of matchmaking charities with funders by demonstrating the impact of their work, specifically in the context of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Maanch focuses on project-specific funding and uses algorithms to provide automated impact measurement based on UN SDG metrics and a matchmaking tool that automatically connects projects with funders, from individuals, to trusts and foundations, and corporate sponsors.
Funders can pre-select interests, geographies and SDGs, with projects seeking funding then prioritised according to how well they fit the criteria of the funder, based on the topics they address, how these relate to the SDGs, and their impact, both globally and locally. They can then shortlist and compare projects, and select what they want to fund.



Maanch Founder and CEO Darshita Gillies said:

“At Maanch, our goal is to make the most of the technology available to us to create a fair future for all. By analysing data and presenting universal metrics in the context of global development, we are able to help charities demonstrate the true impact of their work.”
“By offering a platform for project-based fundraising, we create the most transparent environment for a charity to seek and receive funding.
“With no hidden costs, staff salaries or marketing budgets, charities are able to report directly on what they have been able to achieve with the funding using our impact framework.”

The fundraising platform is now live for any charities wishing to sign up, with funders invited to register their interest by visiting the site.


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