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Stock donations down due to Brexit fears, warns In Kind Direct

Stock donations down due to Brexit fears, warns In Kind Direct

The CEO of In Kind Direct has warned that stock donations to charities from retailers and manufacturers are down as organisations stockpile due to Brexit fears.

According to Robin Boles, Brexit uncertainty and customer fears around essential goods running out because of delays at customs borders means companies are keeping hold of stock they would usually donate, with charities and their beneficiaries suffering as a result.

Robin Boles commented:

“As we move ever closer to leaving the EU, we are seeing a drop in donations as our donor companies are forced to hold on to stock that would normally be donated to us.

“These products provide vital support to so many of the thousands of charities we support; a fact that is supported by the results from our most recent impact study. 75% of the charities surveyed said the products they are able to source from In Kind Direct enable them to simply keep going.

“Without these products we fear that many of the charities in our network will be forced to close their doors or reduce the service they are able to provide and this will have a massive impact on the millions of vulnerable people they support.  And this is all before any issue of tariffs arises.”

She added:

“It is understandable that companies are having to manage their stock carefully during this uncertain period. However, charities and consumers alike would urge manufacturers and retailers to continue to supply the products charities need to run their services and provide to those most vulnerable in our communities.”

In Kind Direct’s recent impact report Providing Life’s Essentials showed that 96% of respondents to the survey that forms the basis of the report said that poverty in their local areas has remained the same or increased in the last year, at the same time as funding is becoming harder to secure.

The number of charitable organisations joining the In Kind Direct network is increasing every year; from 568 in 1998 to almost 10,000 having been helped to date.



Melanie May is a journalist and copywriter specialising in writing both for and about the charity and marketing services sectors since 2001. She can be reached via

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