GivePenny announces new Milestone Donations feature

Melanie May | 15 July 2019 | News

Digital fundraising platform GivePenny has released a new version of its Milestone Donations feature to make it easier for charity supporters to inspire and manage donations as part of their fundraising challenges.
GivePenny‘s Milestone Donations offer an additional, creative way for fundraisers to inspire pledged donations from their friends and family. For example, a fundraiser planning to run a marathon could add a number of training-related Milestones to their fundraising page, such as “Run for an hour without stopping” and “Complete the marathon”. Their friends and family could then pledge donations to specific Milestones, helping to keep the fundraiser motivated to achieve them.
Once achieved, the fundraiser can mark each Milestone as “complete” to prompt supporters to process their donations.
Lee Clark, Founder and Chief Everything Officer of GivePenny, said:

“There a lot of people out there raising money for charity who like to see their fundraising friend reach the goals they set themselves before making their donation. Whether they are streaming games, preparing for a marathon or taking part in one of the many virtual events on our platform, GivePenny Milestones give a fundraiser a slick way to capture that intention early and use it to spur them on during their challenge.”


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