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Five Twitter threads for fundraisers for May 2019

Five Twitter threads for fundraisers for May 2019

Sometimes one tweet is not enough. Thankfully threads provide a useful vehicle for more detailed thoughts, arguments and ideas. So here are five recent threads which fundraisers might find useful.

Threads give you an opportunity to write a series of related thoughts, either for publication together at the same time, or added to over a period.

They are often created by participants at a conference, sharing quotes or comments from one speaker, or from several speakers across the day.

Equally, they work well for concatenating an argument or idea that requires more length than a single tweet but possibly less than a blog post.

Threads on blog posts tend not to appear in full, so to get the full length impact of a thread (and they don’t have to be too long), you should click on the embedded tweets below.


1. Charitable giving in 2030

Kirsty Marrins this week captured some key comments from Rhodri Davies of Charities Aid Foundation when he spoke at the Third Sector Fundraising Conference on the future (or futures) of charitable giving.




2. Brave corporate partnerships

Meanwhile Richard Sved was at the first day of the Institute of Fundraising Yorkshire Conference, and produced this thread about the session run by Jonathan Andrews of Remarkable Partnerships.


3. Record your own presentation

Givepanel ably demonstrated how to use a summary of their own presentation in a thread at this week’s Charity Meetup.

Note not just a series of photos of their slides but a concluding tweet which directs people to their site and a blog post with more information about their service.




4. Urgent increase in environmental required

The Environmental Funders Network created a thread in response to the open letter by prominent scientists to philanthropists and foundations to increase substantially the amount they give to environmental activities that tackle the .




5. Pawsome sharing of slides

Threads can therefore be a valuable opportunity to get to see some of the content and debate from a conference which you can’t attend, and to follow the thinking process of someone on a particular topic.

There is no single place in which to find Twitter threads, unlike the (similar but different) Twitter Moments or likes.

You can explore your Twitter feed to find any recent ones created by people whom you follow, or just use your browser’s search function to search for ‘thread’.

Or make sure that you follow relevant people on Twitter who make the effort to share useful content in this format.

Here is one from BBC journalist Steph McGovern which features a fine example of how to stand out from the crowd when asking a celebrity for support.


  • Have you spotted any helpful threads about fundraising, or by fundraisers recently? Share them in the comments below.

    Or highlight some Twitter thread creators whom fundraisers should know of and perhaps follow.



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