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Dogs Trust, National Trust & Cats Protection top league for charities perceived as most in need of legacies

Dogs Trust, National Trust & Cats Protection top league for charities perceived as most in need of legacies

Dogs Trust, National Trust, and Cats Protection top a new league table of charities perceived to be most in need of legacies by charity supporters.

The league table ranks 14 charities from the fastmap Legacy Premier League 2018/2019. It has been compiled by fastmap with Allan Freeman of Freestyle Marketing who collaborated to research the charities perceived as being most in need for legacies in order to explore the role that need for money plays in this decision making process.

The research explored 13 different motivations such as ‘we need to solve this problem’, ‘they are always in the news’ and ‘they help or helped people I care about’, and 15 different barriers with multiple online surveys sent out to over 10,000 charity supporters aged 50+, to generate an understanding of the extent and type of legacy support of over 100 charities.


fastmap league table


While Dogs Trust, National Trust and Cats Protection topped the table, Marie Curie came bottom, preceded by Macmillan in twelfth place, and Royal British Legion in 13th place. At the top Dogs Trust received an index score of 153, while Marie Curie’s was 55, with higher scores demonstrating that more people are more inclined to believe that a charity needs a legacy gift.

The report suggests that the difference between the highest and lowest scoring charities could be linked to the immediate tangibility of the cause but that some of these charities could also perhaps enhance their legacy consideration by being clearer on why they need a legacy.

David Cole, Managing Director of fastmap said:

‘We all know how important need is. If your charity is perceived as wealthy or if potential supporters don’t understand why you need their donations they simply won’t give. And of course, legacies are no different. In fact, arguably for legacies it’s even more important than individual giving.

“In our legacy research, we have looked at 14 different charities from the Legacy Premier League 2018 / 2019 and identified which are most likely to be perceived as in need of a legacy gift. This legacy research highlights that the need of a gift from wills significantly differs at a brand level. Future investigations from these brands might be needed to understand why they are perceived as less (or more) in need of a gift compared to others.”




Melanie May is a journalist and copywriter specialising in writing both for and about the charity and marketing services sectors since 2001. She can be reached via

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