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New US tech firm will help healthcare organisations increase philanthropic support through AI

Melanie May | 16 April 2019 | News

US philanthropy consultancy firm Gobel Group has launched a new technology company, Futurus Group to help healthcare organisations increase philanthropic support through AI.
Last year, Gobel Group created G2G, or “Gratitude to Give”, a gratitude predicting algorithm that uses adaptive, machine learning technology to predict which patients are most likely to be grateful for their experience and therefore to donate.
Using artificial intelligence technology, the proprietary G2G algorithm predicts attributes of gratitude based on more than 400 unique variables, derived from HIPAA-compliant patient information.  The algorithm lives within a machine-learning environment with G2G evaluating data to help inform philanthropic priorities and donor strategies. According to Gobel Group, G2G has been proven to produce four times as many donors as wealth screening.
As a result of this combined with the interest it has seen from healthcare institutions, Gobel Group has spun off G2G and launched the new Futurus Group. With a specific focus on further developing existing and emerging proprietary technologies, Futurus intends to continue to disrupt healthcare philanthropy by leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to help healthcare organisations increase philanthropic support.
Nathan Chappell, President of Futurus Group, said:

“For the past forty years, static predictive models have been limited to using wealth and prior giving patterns to determine potential prospects,” “But we know that humans are much more complex than our wealth or our past behaviours – gratitude is based on a person’s emotional, rational, and financial perspectives. For the first time in history, we have an algorithm that takes all of these factors into account to paint a much more accurate picture of whether a person is likely to express gratitude to an organisation.”



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