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Charity emoji name fun

Simon Scriver has once again created some fun for fundraisers with a charity emoji name quiz. And it has sparked variations on the theme by others.
The original ‘charity name emoji quiz’ was posted by Simon (@ToastFundraiser) on Twitter on 7 April, with acknowledgement to Nikki Bell (@charitynikki). Which charity names can you spot?


1. 10 Christian charities emoji quiz

It was followed the next day by Robin Peake who came up with his version focusing on Christian charity names, appropriately acknowledging the original inspiration.

2. 10 Welsh charities emoji quiz

Then Sam Coles (@CentenarySam) contributed her version of Welsh charities in emoji.

This was met with a positive response from IoF Cymru:

3. 14 arts and culture charities emoji quiz
There’s more to come! David Burgess has created a version of arts and culture charity names in emoji format – and kept going past 10 to 14.

We’ve covered charities and emoji on UK Fundraising in the past, and even mused on the idea of what a fundraising emoji (or set of emoji) might look like.
For example:

Have you used emoji successfully in your fundraising? Either for an ask, or for communicating with supporters?
What might your 10 emoji quiz about your charity look like?