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GOOD Agency Childhood Trust campaign to launch as photography exhibition

Katie Wilson: Bedrooms of London
GOOD Agency Childhood Trust campaign to launch as photography exhibition

A campaign created as part of a offer by GOOD Agency for The Childhood Trust launches as a photography exhibition next month.

The campaign started two years ago as part of Giving Tuesday where GOOD Agency offered its creative services to a charity that might not normally be able to work with it due to budget and size. The Childhood Trust was looking for a way to reach an affluent, connected audience with something small, focused and life changing, that would be a catalyst for meaningful conversations about poverty and injustice in some of London’s wealthiest areas.

GOOD Agency’s original concept was to create and publish a photographic documentary book that took a ‘behind the doors’ look at the lives of children living in poverty, with a particular focus on the child’s bedroom. This has now grown in size to become an exhibition as well, showing at the Foundling Museum.


Katie Wilson Bedrooms of London

9 month old Adam sleeps with mum Emily and dad Martin in the living room. With sister Patricia, 10, brothers Bradley 6 and Harry 3, the family of six also eat here as there is nowhere to sit


Bedrooms of London by photographer Katie Wilson shows the often unseen reality of home life for the 700,000 children currently living below the poverty line in London. It focuses on the spaces where children are sleeping, with the photographs shown alongside first-hand narratives from families.

The book of photographs, alongside a report on the housing crisis and its impact on children in London, will also be sent to key policy makers, highlighting the challenges facing children and their families.

Louis Cochrane, lead designer on the project, said:

“As an agency we work with some of the most well-known names in the charity sector and have developed some of the biggest campaigns both nationally and internationally. But working on Bedrooms of London has given us the chance to help people that live in our city, our neighbours, and their stories have stayed with us. It has been a truly collaborative experience with the families, they have trusted us to tell their stories honestly, and do what we can to ensure that the project leads to change.”


Bedrooms of London



Photos by Katie Wilson. Main image: Antousha, 5, Gabriela, 4 and Moses 1, share a two bedroom flat with their parents, Beatrice and George. The family receives benefits but neither George nor Beatrice, a trained nurse, can work. They are in debt from court fees and depend on charity support.

Melanie May is a journalist and copywriter specialising in writing both for and about the charity and marketing services sectors since 2001. She can be reached via

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