Donate your spare change app to launch in Ireland

Howard Lake | 18 December 2018 | News

An app that lets people donate their spare change to charity when making a purchase will be launched in Ireland next year.
Change Donations was created by Amelia Scivier, Lizzy Hayashida and William Conaghan who met on Trinity College Dublin’s MBA programme. The idea for a giving app developed from their participation in the programme’s entrepreneurship module.
The founders chose to focus on the rounding-up model of giving of micro-donations. They also chose to offer users some flexibility in how they user it. For example:

Ms Scivier told the Irish Examiner: “You link your credit or debit card, and it rounds up all of your purchases to the next euro. You can set rules; for example, it will only round up to a certain limit and you can allocate it to one or several charities that you choose”.
The idea behind the app is that donors “may not feel the impact but can see the impact.”
The giving tool is initially available only in web form, with the app in development.
Change Donations screenshot

Student startup accelerator

The trio won the top prize last summer at LaunchBox, Trinity College’s student startup accelerator. They won €3,500 and free office space at Dogpatch Labs in Dublin’s Docklands.

Tax-efficient donations

Change Donations also ensures that donations are tax-efficient. Irish taxpayers who donate €250 or more to a registered charity can pass on the 31% tax relief to that charity. Change Donations maintains a record of the multiple donations generated to enable donors to keep track of their money.
Charities will be charged a monthly administrative fee by Change Donations, based on a percentage of the total amount they receive via the platform. It includes transaction fees.
The first two charities to sign up are The Hope Foundation and Rehab. A UK launch is planned for March 2019.

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