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World’s first charity-powered search engine available next week

World’s first charity-powered search engine available next week

Charities have been busy this summer building “the world’s first charity-powered search engine”. ‘Human’ will debut next week to mark Remember A Charity in your Will Week (10-16 September 2018).

Human is designed to answer “some of life’s biggest questions”. Since charities are tackling some of these in the context of addressing some of the biggest challenges facing humanity, users will hear directly from charities, supporters and beneficiaries what they are doing in response.

Human is the product of 200 charities coming together to promote the importance of leaving a charitable legacy in their will.


150+ search questions

Google won’t of course be challenged by the scale and focus of this search engine. Yet Human differs from other search engines in that its answers will present not just information on some of life’s biggest challenges but a positive solution for almost any adult in the UK.

Video responses to over 150 search questions will show how charities address these issues and how the public can help, by leaving a gift in their Will.

Through the search engine, people can ask questions such as:

  • ‘How can we cure the deadliest common cancers?’
  • ‘How do we ensure no one has to sleep rough?’ and
  • ‘How can we help every animal find a home?’

The website will go live with the official launch of Remember A Charity Week on Monday, 10th September.

Other charities are already promoting the appearance of Human and their role in it, including Blind Veterans UK:



Michael Clark, a member of the Remember A Charity board and Gifts in Wills & In-memory Manager at Cystic Fibrosis Trust, said:

“This year’s campaign looks great, a charity-powered search engine is innovative yet a familiar enough concept to appeal to a wide audience. It drives back to information about leaving charitable gifts in Wills but as part of the answers to some of life’s biggest and most important questions that heavily rely on the work of charities; whether that’s how we go about finding a cure for health conditions or how we ensure all people have access to clean water or how we can preserve our planet for the generations to come.

“It’s putting the donor at the heart of everything, sharing with them how they can help charities attempt to solve some of these questions by including a gift in their will. It’s a brilliant way of connecting the public with this form of giving and the work of the hundreds of charities involved.”

All charities are encouraged to join the 200-strong charity consortium for this year’s campaign in helping the will-writing public understand the difference they can make and further strengthen the sector’s collective voice for legacy giving.


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