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Fundraising Regulator opens FPS in Northern Ireland

Fundraising Regulator opens FPS in Northern Ireland

The Fundraising Regulator launches its (FPS) in today (26 March).

The launch follows NICVA’s decision to invite the regulator to oversee and regulate fundraising in the country last year.

As in England and Wales, the Fundraising Regulator will manage the FPS in Northern Ireland, and will contact charities on behalf of the user and request that the selected methods of communication are stopped until the individual decides otherwise.

As elsewhere, the FPS is available both online and by phone in Northern Ireland, and will enable members of the public to block phone, email, text and direct addressed mail communications from named charities. Individuals will also be able to use the service on behalf of someone else, such as a friend or relative.

The regulator will continue to work collaboratively with the Charity Commission Northern Ireland and the Information Commissioner’s Office to ensure requests to stop communications are implemented by charities.

Walter Rader, Fundraising Regulator, Northern Ireland Board member, said:

“The launch of the FPS in Northern Ireland today reflects our commitment to ensuring best practice and ethical practices for fundraising.

“The service will play a crucial role in allowing members of the public in Northern Ireland to control the communications they receive from charities. This is a vital step in continuing the work the Fundraising Regulator has undertaken to rebuild trust between the public and the sector over the last two years”.

Frances McCandless, Chief Executive, Charity Commission Northern Ireland, said:

“The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland enjoys a close and collaborative working relationship with the Fundraising Regulator, as demonstrated by the Memorandum of Understanding we signed last year.

“We are delighted to see the Fundraising Preference Service made available in Northern Ireland, supporting the public in making informed choices around the communications they receive from charities and helping to ensure charities are held to high standards.”


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