Comedian raises funds for cat charity with surreal cat name prints

Bob Mortimer smiling with DJ Loveham, the cat. Photo: McCrickard Photography
Bob Mortimer and DJ Loveham. Photo: McCrickard Photography

Comedian Bob Mortimer’s penchant for dreaming up quirky names for cats has evolved into a fundraising campaign to benefit the National Adoption Centre, run by Cats Protection.

The names are being depicted on prints which are being sold to raise money for the Sussex-based centre.

The initiative began as a series of posts on Twitter by the cat-loving comedian.


The names are then turned into prints and cards by online print and gift company Wordynumnum and sold in limited print runs via their online shop.

Mortimer visited the Adoption Centre on Friday, and told Cats Protection: “I’m a big cat lover and have always had them in my life so it’s great to be supporting Cats Protection, which does so much to help unwanted moggies. I have two cats at the moment, called Goodmonson and Mavis, but I love naming cats and am always calling them different things every day.”

Bob Mortimer and kitten - photo: McCrickard Photography
Bob Mortimer and kitten – photo: McCrickard Photography

The charity is hoping that some of Mortimer’s more romantic cat names will prove attractive as Valentine’s Day gifts. The first three cats to receive a ‘romantic’ name inspired by Bob – Tender Gary, Softy Pinkpowders and Derek Snuggles – have happily already found loving new homes.

Bob Mortimer and staff at Cats Protection's National Adoption Centre - photo: McCrickard Photography
Bob Mortimer and staff at Cats Protection’s National Adoption Centre – photo: McCrickard Photography

At the beginning of 2018 it was announced that the prints had already raised £3,211 for Cats Protection. In addition, a one-of-a-kind A1 cat print was also donated to Cats Protection which sold for £412 at the end of 2017, bringing the overall amount raised to £3,623.

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