WaterAid launches first digital wallet pass with January’s Just Water event

Melanie May | 5 January 2018 | News

WaterAid has launched a digital wallet pass for its January fundraising event Just Water, which challenges participants to drink nothing but the liquid for a whole month.
Created by GOOD AgencyWaterAid believes the wallet is a sector first. After signing up to take part in Just Water, participants are invited to download a digital pass that will sit in their smartphone’s wallet app. Once downloaded, they will be able to receive updates on the challenge, support and tips to reach their goal.
The pass can be shared between phones to help encourage friends and family to sign up too. In addition, it allows WaterAid to send updates via push notifications to a participant’s lock-screen, helping to keep engagement high throughout the month.
The Just Water campaign has launched across Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. As well as the wallet pas, GOOD has designed a new creative concept for this year’s campaign showing the cravings that participants experience in comedic, larger-than-life forms, with giant beer bottles chasing participants down the street, and huge teapots barging into office meetings.

Andy Powell, Associate Creative Director at GOOD said:

“The mobile wallet functionality is the perfect fit for our strategic ambition and creative direction for Just Water. Not only does it allow our participants to unite their team and find strength in numbers, it allows us to help support them through a tricky month with encouraging content.”

Helen Seacombe, Senior Community Fundraising Officer at WaterAid said:

“We are really excited to be working with GOOD on Just Water, and especially on the new wallet pass. As a sector first, we’re excited to see how it can enhance the stewardship journey and increase engagement in WaterAid’s lifesaving work.”

Just Water is running through January 2018 during WaterAid’s Untapped appeal, which sees every £1 donated by the UK public doubled by the UK government.
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