Marie Curie Christmas tree lights are powered by shared memories

Howard Lake | 4 December 2017 | News

Terminal illness charity Marie Curie has unveiled a seven metre-high Christmas tree in London with lights that are “powered by people’s memories”.
The charity’s “world first” memory-powered Christmas tree features decorative lights that shine brighter the more people post their memories to Twitter and Instagram using the #LightUpXmas hashtag.
#LightUpXmas Marie Curie Christmas tree on London's Southbank
You can find the tree for the next two weeks at the Coca Cola London Eye on London’s Southbank. It is designed to highlight the important work done by the terminal illness charity over Christmas. Marie Curie will provide care and support to more than 2,700 people living with a terminal illness this Christmas, helping them to continue to make special memories of their own.
The tree’s platform features three contactless giving opportunities, inviting donations of £2, £5 or £10.
Tap to donate at #LightUpXmas Marie Curie Christmas tree on London's Southbank

UK’s Christmas Bucket List

The charity commissioned research to find out what the public would do if they were facing their last Christmas. Throwing a memorable party and travelling somewhere exotic are high on many people’s lists, but the majority of people (59%) said that they would do the same as every year and spend it with their loved ones.
Dr Jane Collins, Marie Curie Chief Executive, said: “Christmas is about creating positive memories and being together at a special time. For many people living with a terminal illness, this will be their last Christmas but Marie Curie Nurses, volunteers and campaigners will be helping ensure they are able to make the most of the time they have, with the people they love.”
#LightUpXmas - a moonlit Marie Curie Christmas tree on London's Southbank

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