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New Charity First Series book offers help with school fundraising

Melanie May | 1 November 2017 | News

Raising Funds for Your School – A Comprehensive Guide has launched: a new Charity First Series book that aims to provide schools of all types with the skills and techniques needed to maximise their fundraising income on a sustainable basis. 
Written by schools fundraising specialist Nick Ryan, director of Vantage Fundraising, Raising Funds for your School – A Comprehensive Guide provides non-technical advice to help heads, business managers, parents and other school stakeholders to develop fundraising activities with particular consideration given to how to embed such activities into the life of the school, increasing their prominence, joint ownership and chance of success.
Central to the Charity First Series book is a ‘how to’ compendium of 15 different fundraising opportunities and methods – from major donor, trust and statutory and company fundraising, through sponsorship, recycling and text giving to legacies and cause related marketing, each of which is described clearly and practically.
The book is informed by advanced fundraising theory and practice, and covers topics including donor motivations and stewardship, case statements and campaign planning. It also covers non-financial benefits of fundraising such as the chance for staff and pupils to develop new skills and an increased level of engagement, and the opportunity to integrate the school more closely with its community.
The book is available in print and PDF formats, priced at £19.95 and £15.00 respectively. Other titles in the Charity First Series include Effective Media Relations for Charitiesand The Gift Aid Guide



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