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Win a million competition aims to raise £20,000 for cancer charity

Win a million competition aims to raise £20,000 for cancer charity

A has launched that aims to raise £20,000 for a cancer charity by offering people the chance to win £1m in time for Christmas.

Andy White and Carl Davies set up the Win One Million Pounds competition after both of them had parents and other family members develop forms of cancer.

The entry fee is £2 per ticket with multiple entries allowed, and requires the answering of a multiple choice question. The closing date for entries is December 21st 2017. Entries are limited to 600,000, and if they hit this target they will donate £20,000 to a cancer charity chosen by the winner.

If the competition does not meet its goal of selling 600,000 tickets, a draw will still take place with a 20% deduction from the sales going to cover costs and the charitable donation with the whole of the remaining 80% being the prize. Depending on the success of the project, the pair hopes to run the main competition on a regular basis as well as offering free to enter cash prize competitions.

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