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Peter Andre busks for Shelter

Peter Andre busks for Shelter

Peter Andre raised £260 for Shelter by busking in just 15 minutes, in an experiment organised by Nationwide Building Society to raise awareness of using mobile and contactless payment methods for donating.

The building society helped passersby and spectators donate via mobile and contactless cards during the event for Shelter. According to research by Nationwide Building Society, people in the UK give an average of £2.34 a time to buskers or charity collectors.

The research found men to more charitable than women, giving higher on average (£2.69 vs £2.02), while people aged 18-24 give more than double the amount than those aged 55+. Regionally, people from Glasgow were found to be the most charitable to buskers and charity collectors, giving an average of £3.97 each time.

More than two fifths of people say they would give more to streets artists and homeless people if they didn’t have to rely on cash.

Paul Horlock from Nationwide Building Society said:

“Just two years ago, contactless payments accounted for one in 20 Nationwide card payments, now it’s one in three. This demonstrates a sharp rise in consumers wanting to ‘tap and pay’ with their mobile or card rather than having to carry cash. With this reduction in the use of cash it is important that we encourage charities to utilise modern methods of collecting donations so they can continue to capitalise on the generous nature of the British people, even when they aren’t carrying cash day to day.”

Melanie May is a journalist and copywriter specialising in writing both for and about the charity and marketing services sectors since 2001. She can be reached via

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