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Ramadan fundraising appeals round-up for 2017

Ramadan fundraising appeals round-up for 2017

In 2016, Muslim Charities Forum estimated that British Muslims gave approximately £100 million to charitable causes during the month of Ramadan. Here is a selection of the fundraising appeals taking place during Ramadan this year.


Unicef UK

Unicef is asking people to donate their Zakat (2.5% of their wealth) this Ramadan to help children in countries including Syria. It is raising funds through its site as well as through a JustGiving page, which has a link to a Zakat calculator to help people determine how much their donation should be. It says a £50 donation could help provide a healthcheck for 20 Syrian children, while £150 could help provide a ‘school-in-a-box’ to help at least 40 children continue their education in times of emergency and conflict.


islamic aid

Islamic Aid

Islamic Aid is working on a number of special Ramadan programmes that it is asking people to support. The charity is inviting people to pay Zakat, Sadaqah, Fidya or Kafarah, which it will use to help distribute food packs to impoverished families, and provide Sahar and Iftar for orphaned children, and children at Madrasah.



Abaseen Foundation

Abaseen Foundation has a number of projects for which it is seeking support this Ramadan. These including sponsoring a child for £10 a month, providing funds for eye cataract surgery for £25 a month, and helping to provide safe childbirth for £6 a month, all through Zakah, Sadaqah or Lillah.


human appeal

Human Appeal

Human Appeal is seeking support for a number of Ramadan projects this year, covering food, water, and specific countries, as well as its Ramadan Lighting Masjid Al Aqsa Project. Supporters can donate to provide, for example, a food parcel, to help feed a fasting family, to build a water well, or to help projects in countries including Yemen, Bangladesh, Iraq and Syria.


muntada aid

Muntada Aid

Muntada Aid is aiming to feed 500,000 people and support others affected by the Syrian civil war with its Stand With Them Ramadan appeal. Muntada Aid’s campaign will provide vital supplies to refugees in Sid, Serbia and to its other key projects: the Little Hearts Project and Broken Minds. The Little Hearts Project gives free life-saving heart operations to babies and children who suffer from congenital heart defects while the Broken Minds project provides Syrian refugee children with psychological treatment.


Muslim Hands

Muslim Hands is asking people to Save a Life Save Humanity this Ramadan, with a number of options including donating to its Iftar Fund to help people in need enjoy a nutritious meal after a day of fasting, to provide Itfar for 100 people by donating £75, to give to its Zakat Fund or to allow the charity to use their donation wherever it is most needed.


Penny Appeal

This Ramadan, Penny Appeal is asking people to donate to a number of appeals. People can sponsor a Hifz orphan for £786 for three years, support Orphan Kind by sponsoring an orphan for £15 a month, help restore sight with Open Your Eyes for £60 for one treatment or £5 a month, or build a well for £300.


global one

Global One

Global One is promoting its £35 Box for Life this Ramadan. The box provides life-saving resources to Syrian mothers and their new babies in Beqaa Camp, Lebanon, and also contains resources to train local women to become midwives with a manual on how to produce reusable nappies and encourage women to become self-sufficient. Each box also doubles up as a cot.

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