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Tony Elischer Foundation launched to nurture fundraising talent

Howard Lake | 25 May 2017 | News

Tony Elischer Foundation logo. Nurturing future leaders.

Friends, family and colleagues have today celebrated the launch of Tony Elischer Foundation, a new charity which will support and nurture individuals with talent and passion for fundraising.

Established in honour of Tony Elischer, the inspirational fundraiser and leader who helped develop professional fundraising and fundraisers in the UK and internationally, the foundation “will help to ensure the development of high-quality committed fundraisers in the UK and around the world.”

Tony was passionate about helping talented individuals reach their potential. His eponymous foundation will help ensure that passion continues.


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He died in January 2016.

The day to day operation of Tony Elischer Foundation is being led by Susan Morgan, Foundation Director and the four trustees are Nicky Elischer, Michelle Chambers, Finbarr Coughlan and Catherine Parnell.

Supporting early stage fundraisers

Tony Elischer Foundation will provide mentoring and development opportunities for fundraising professionals who are in the early stages of their career. Selected individuals will receive bespoke interventions which supplement and complement the training and support which they may already receive via their fundraising roles.

Its core activity will be providing mentoring programmes for individuals who will also become part of a wider group as our community grows which is used to facilitate further learning and development.

“Our aim is to work with talented and skilled individuals who show they have a commitment to working in the sector and have demonstrated a passion and enthusiasm for fundraising as a profession. They will be innovative and creative with an eye on trends and opportunities and at a stage in their career where they are aware they have the capability and drive to move up and just need that additional input to unlock their full potential.”

Nominations open

Nominations for support from Tony Elischer Foundation open on 26 May 2017. Individuals will be nominated by peers and leaders in the sector and selected following an application and assessment process.

The first phase of recruitment opens on May 26th and we will ask and encourage all our launch guests to help share the news of the launch of Tony Elischer Foundation and to encourage suitable fundraisers to apply as potential beneficiaries.