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National Tea Day events to raise funds for charity

National Tea Day events to raise funds for charity

Charities are taking part in National Tea Day this week, with a whole host of fundraising tea parties taking place.

National Tea Day takes place on 21st April, with the official National Tea Day 2017 event takes place at Kensington Roof Gardens from 10.30 am. Attendees pay £5, which goes to the event’s charity partners, and are invited to take part in gourmet tea tasting, sample snacks, and join baking masterclasses.

National Tea Day’s charity partners are: Ronald McDonald House Charities, British Red Cross, The Sick Children’s Trust, The Trussell Trust, Sobell House, and We Hear You.

A number of the partner charities, as well as other charities, are holding events as part of National Tea Day, including:

Sick Children’s Trust Big Choc Tea

Big Chocolate Tea takes place from 21st April to 1st May, and raises funds to help The Sick Children’s Trust support over 4,000 families with critically ill children. It asks people to host their own chocolate-themed tea party, cake sale or bake-off in the last week of April 2017 – or at a time to suit them during the year.


British Red Cross’s HumaniTea

The British Red Cross’s HumaniTea raises funds to help it support more people on their release from hospital. Every week the charity’s staff and volunteers visit hundreds of people in the UK who have recently been discharged from hospital to help them regain their confidence to live independently once again. It is asking people to host a HumaniTea party and ask guests to give a donation for the charity.


Sobell House Come 4 Tea

Sobell House asks people to hold a Come 4 Tea event. It helps around 3000 people across Oxfordshire a year, and needs to raise £1.4million each year to continue supporting people. Money raised through Come 4 tea events will help it continue.


Trussell Trust Tea for Trussell

Trussell Trust is asking people to hold a Tea for Trussell at home with friends or in their lunch hour with work colleagues, with funds raised going to help the charity support more people struggling with hunger and poverty.



Ronald McDonald House Charities tea parties

Ronald McDonald House Charities is holding its own tea parties, inviting people to come along to one of its houses to see first-hand the work the charity does, and to help it raise funds. Tea parties are taking place in locations including Manchester, Camberwell, Southampton, and Brighton.


Guide Dogs Great Guide Dogs Tea Party

Guide Dogs is asking people to host a Great Guide Dogs Tea Party to mark National Tea Day and help it raise funds, with a free fundraising kit to provide help and inspiration.


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