Meet the fundraiser – Geoff collects for Marie Curie

Geoff, the Great Daffodil Appeal collector
Geoff, the Great Daffodil Appeal collector.

Geoff collects for Marie Curie because he promised his wife he would.

He is one of several supporters who raise funds for the cancer charity by collecting for it from the public. He is taking part in its annual Great Daffodil Day appeal.

By profiling these fundraisers Marie Curie is hoping that more people will be inspired to offer two hours of their time to collect for them.


“I needed to raise money as a tribute” he says. “It gives me a buzz, almost a rush. I just urge people to get signed up and come and give us a couple of hours”.

More fundraisers

Robena collects in memory of her husband.

“I collect for the Great Daffodil Appeal because Marie Curie cared for my husband. So when I’m collecting I’m reminded of the happy times. If he were looking down he’d feel happier that I was doing something positive.

“People feel drawn to us. SO when they come and put something in the tin they come because they have a story to tell us… It’s a good feeling”.


Marie Curie shares tips on how to fundraise successfully when collecting for the Great Daffodil Appeal.