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First TV campaign for Giving Tuesday in the UK

Howard Lake | 24 November 2016 | News

Giving Tuesday will use TV advertising in the UK for the first time this year to promote the annual day of giving. 
The 30-second advert will air on 27 and 28 November and on Giving Tuesday itself, 29 November.
This is the third year that #givingtuesday has taken place in the UK since it was introduced from the US in 2014. It is now marked by charities, individuals and companies in around 70 countries.

People giving

The advert was made by agency WPN Chameleon and consists solely of user generated mobile phone clips in which people show how they will be supporting a charity on #givingtuesday. The idea was to stand apart from the other commercial brand ads on TV.
Gail Cookson, Fundraising Director at WPN Chameleon, explained the approach. She said:

“The success of #givingtuesday lies in the donor-centricity that sits at the heart of the movement: people can give how they want, and to whom. We wanted to bring that to life on TV to raise the profile of #givingtuesday in a way that would complement, and boost, the other on- and off-line activity”.


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Giving time and skills for #givingtuesday

The advert was made possible, appropriately enough, by a large number of people donating their time and skills for free.

Kim Roberts, Campaign Lead for Giving Tuesday at CAF, said:

“Just like Black Friday, #givingtuesday has now established itself as a regular feature in the festive calendar in the UK. This year the extra TV advertising exposure will bring the movement to the attention of millions of people, who can then support the causes they love on Tuesday 29th November.”